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Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos

What Do Mums Think?

Tattooing kids to keep them safeI don't know about you, but as a forgetful kids my mother often threatened to have 'Bring Your Lunchbox Home!" tattooed on my forehead to help jog my brain into throwing out the right pointer at the right time! While we would never actually tattoo our children (under the age of 18), a product which has gotten a lot of press lately is a temporary kids tattoo which includes space for you to write your children's name and a phone number to call in case they go missing. Journalists think they are a great idea... but what do Mums think of this new type of temporary kids tattoo? We trawl the forums to find out.Comment: Identification kids tattoos can't be lost or stolenThe other popular alternative to these kids tattoos for identification is an ID bracelet or necklace. However, many kids can wriggle out of these, or have learned to undo them... even at toddler stage! Mums are praising the fact that ID kids tattoos can't be removed.Comment: The flexibility is goodThese kids tattoos can also be used to tell people that the child has a certain medical condition (helpful especially for autistic or handicapped kids), or that they have a food allergy, for example.

They are useful for far more than 'lost and found' scenarios, and parents comments on this are definitely positive!Comment: The same as a harnessSome parents are saying that they had a harness as a toddler... and that using one instead of temporary tattoos saves a lot of time and hassle. However, there are some very vocal arguers against the leash idea, most saying that they are for animals rather than children. The choice between a leash and a kids tattoo remains one for individual parents, as always!Despite the general positivity about this kids tattoo idea, there are always a couple of detractors! Here are some of the concerns that have been expressed about putting a kids tattoo on for identification.Comment: Worries about phone number prominenceSome parents have expressed concern about having their phone number out in the open like that, given the accessibility of information via the internet... and the plethora of people who find illegal and immoral ways to use it. You can try spelling out some of the numbers instead of writing them, if this is a concern.Comment: It encourages kids to get real tattoos.This is an often-touted opinion on forums... but just as often as somebody brings it up, three other voices are raised to silence it.

Most mothers point out that no reputable tattoo studio will tattoo your kids before they turn 18 anyway, that there are plenty of other things that we put on our kids that they grow out of once they can make their own decisions... and most importantly, that they would rather have a tattooed and safe child than a lost property service one.Comment: It's hypocritical to put temporary kids tattoos on while forbidding real tattoosIn fact, this comment came from teenagers rather than parents... so perhaps we don't need to worry about this point too much!

A stick on tattoo, used for identification, is a real lifesaver for some parents. It not only allows your kids to be found in the event that they do slip past your field of vision, but simply allows you to enjoy each shopping trip or excursion so much more! stick on tattoos are a fun, safe and unique way to promote your brand company or event. They appeal to many ages as a fun way to get involved. For great designs and production of stick on tattoos, contact TattooAds.

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